XCOM: The Board Game

By February 16, 2015Games

XCOM The Board GameIn XCOM: The Board Game, you and up to three friends assume the roles of the leaders of the elite, international organization known as XCOM. It is your job to defend humanity, quell the rising panic, and turn back the escalating alien invasion coordinated by the game’s innovative, free digital companion app.

I’m an avid fan of ALL XCOM games (which I play on the XBOX 360 and PC).  XCOM games make you think as a Commander, research various artifacts as a scientist, and make strategic moves when encountering alien activity in the cities they are trying to occupy.  If you have played any of the XCOM games on PC or gaming consoles, playing this board game with the free app for the iPhone or Android can be very challenging, but also rewarding as a gamer.  Multi-tasking in this game is a must.  You’ll enjoy playing this game.  This is highly recommended for gamers alike.

Rating:  B+