Once again, Chris Callahan shows off his talents by continuing the successful series of ROBOCHUCK.  In this issue, more characters are introduced and ROBOCHUCK starts to take on the persona of being a detective and helping out his little friend.  At the same time, Amethyst Pastel is having a discussion with a colleague inside her office, and he notices that there are Computer Generated (CG) shapes floating in the office.  Both are amazed with bewilderment and Ms Pastel shows a little bit of concern, while the other one looks with amazement and confusion.


On another note, Dan Masshurter has a private conversation with a character  he is called “Mr. Z” that looks like a evil Cylon Raider from the old Battlestar Galactica television series.  Evidently Dan and Mr. Z are conjuring up something that looks like it will shake up Flattown.  These two are not friends, but just merely business associates.  Mr. Z definitely has something else in mind.

 RoboChuck’s little friend was taking it easy at a diner that she frequently goes, and awaits for her mom.  However, she is tricked and then abducted by a huge robot that has really mean eyes.  And when she awakens, she finds that she’s in an old black and white cartoon sheet that only has mountains and clouds.  Does she know where she’s at….I don’t think so.  Meanwhile, RoboChuck is enjoying skybox seats during a evening fight event.    Was distracting RoboChuck a ploy to get him out of the picture?  What is the true meaning behind Mr. Z’s intent.  And will RoboChuck’s little friend find her way out of the black and white  drawings.  We hope that Issue No. 4 answers some of these questions.


Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this issue.  One word – GREATNESS.  The storyline that Chris conveys to the reader immediately captures your attention.  I really like Chris’ style when this book gets published.  I enjoy seeing the contrast between CGI and drawn characters in this storyline.  Artwork is totally top-notch.  I hope many people visited the booth where Chris was promoting his RoboChuck series at the San Diego Comic Con.  If you missed him at this convention, you truly missed out on his Issue No. 1 Comic Con Exclusive.  I am honored to review his comic series and look forward to upcoming issues of RoboChuck.   Again – remarkable work Chris.  Great job!